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Hello and welcome to All The Asians On Star Trek, the podcast in which we interview all the Asians on Star Trek. Hosted by me, Phil Yu. The idea is pretty simple. Each episode, we'll interview someone, who is Asian, who has worked, in any capacity, on the series or movies of the Star Trek franchise, from guest stars to writers, behind-the-scenes crew, and more. Here's our welcome episode, in which I introduce the podcast:

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Phil: Hello and welcome to All The Asians On Star Trek, the podcast in which we interview all the Asians on Star Trek, I'm Phil Yu. And before we officially get started, I thought I'd introduce myself and what this podcast is all about. I mean, the name pretty much explains the premise, but basically each episode I'll interview someone who is Asian, who has officially worked on Star Trek or crossed paths with Star Trek in any capacity. So of course, actors, series regulars, guest stars, and even background extras. But also writers, crew members, stunt people, you know, just anyone who's worked on any of the various shows or movies across the Star Trek franchise.

So why am I doing this? I currently run a website called Angry Asian man, which I've been doing for basically the past two decades. And it covers news opinion and culture from the Asian American community. And I also co-host a podcast called They Call Us Bruce with my good friend, Jeff Yang. We describe that as "an unfiltered conversation about what's happening in Asian America." But if you know me, you know, that one of the topics I've always really been interested in is representation of Asians in media and entertainment in Hollywood, or, uh, the lack thereof, for better or for worse. But I'm also a Star Trek fan. My level of fandom and knowledge are by no means encyclopedic, but I, you know, I'd say I'm a pretty big fan of the franchise. I watched reruns of the Original Series when I was a kid, but I definitely came of age in the era of Star Trek: The Next Generation. And in the nineties I have distinct memories of tuning in for the premiers of Deep Space Nine and Voyager. Although I have to admit, I only recently watched the full run of Deep Space Nine for the first time within the last couple of years. It's awesome. I've also really enjoyed the recent revival of the franchise, with shows like Discovery and Picard.

I'm just a fan. So this nerdy little podcast is kind of a merging or collision of some of my favorite interests: Star Trek, and Asian American pop culture, and podcasting. Because the world definitely needs another podcast. But I've wanting been to do this podcast for a while, like, for years, and it's taken forever to get off the ground. But it's happening now. And I am super excited to share it with you. So it's going to be fun. Oh, I should mention for the record that this podcast has no official affiliation with Star Trek or ViacomCBS, but, uh, that said, I hope you'll check out Episode 1 and beyond. Please subscribe, rate, and review the show, spread the word, all that stuff, and check out alltheasiansonstartrek.com. And thank you in advance for listening.

One last thing, big shout out to Mike Relm who hooked us up with the incredible theme music for All The Asians On Star Trek. I will leave you with that. Live long and prosper.

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