04: Clyde Kusatsu

In Episode 4 of All The Asians On Star Trek, we welcome veteran actor Clyde Kusatsu. He guest starred on Star Trek: The Next Generation as Vice Admiral Nakamura in the episodes "Measure of Man," "Phantasms" and the series finale "All Good Things..." With a career spanning nearly 50 years, his credits include Kung Fu, Midway, Magnum P.I., All in the Family and All American Girl, among many others. He talks about getting aged-up to play Jean-Luc Picard's classmate, the other Star Trek role he auditioned for, and how his John Wayne impression landed him a job.

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Here is Clyde's comedy acting reel:

And here is Admiral Nakamura's Star Trek card, autographed by Clyde Kusatsu -- currently available on eBay for $9.99.

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