07: Keone Young

In Episode 7 of All The Asians On Star Trek, we welcome Keone Young. He guest starred on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as Benjamin Sisko's favorite baseball player Buck Bokai, in the season one episode "If Wishes Were Horses." He also appeared in Star Trek: Enterprise as Mr. Sato, the father of Hoshi Sato, in the second season episode "Vanishing Point." Outside of Star Trek, he's a veteran performer with decades of film and TV credits, including the voice of Storm Shadow on G.I. Joe and one very special episode of Diff'rent Strokes.

Show Notes:

Keone Young on IMDb:

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A Buck Bokai baseball card:

You can purchase a Buck Bokai/London Kings baseball jersey.

Here's a brief clip of Keone Young as the voice of Storm Shadow on G.I. Joe:

Here's a bootleg upload of the Diff'rent Strokes episode that Keone Young guest starred in:

Here's a photo of Keone as astronaut Ellison Onizuka in the made-for-TV movie Challenger, on the February 24 cover of TV Guide:

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