12: Eugene Cordero

In Episode 12 of All The Asians on Star Trek, we welcome actor Eugene Cordero. He is the voice of the cybernetically-enhanced engineer Ensign Sam Rutherford on the animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks. With a lengthy list of credits, he holds a rare distinction of playing characters in the Star Trek, Star Wars and Marvel universes. But he is probably best known for playing "Pillboi" on The Good Place. He knows this because that's what everybody yells at him on the street.

Show Notes:

Eugene Cordero on IMDb:

Eugene Cordero on Memory Alpha:

Eugene Cordero on Social Media:

Here's a clip of Ensign Rutherford kicking some Borg butt:

Here's Eugene and Kulap Vilaysack appealing to Hawaii Five-0 producers in 2013:

Jason and Pillboi's epic handshake on The Good Place

And just for the fun of it:

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