19: Away Mission with Arune Singh

In Episode 19 of All The Asians On Star Trek, we embark on another Away Mission, in which we invite fellow Asian American fans of Star Trek to do a deep dive into an episode of their choosing. For this edition of the Away Mission, we welcome Arune Singh, Director of Brand, Editorial at Skybound Entertainment, to discuss "Tuvix" from season two of Star Trek: Voyager -- arguably one of the most divisive and debated episodes of the franchise. We talk about the cowardice of colleagues, "Faith of the Heart," and Harry Kim's clarinet, among many other things.

Show Notes:

Arune Singh on Social Media:
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A recent essay on the legacy of "Tuvix":
Tuvix will never die

And here's a fan re-edit of the infamous final scene, impartially titled "That Time Janeway Murdered Tuvix as Voyager Crew Stood By and Watched":

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