24: Jacqueline Kim

In Episode 24 of All The Asians on Star Trek, we welcome actress Jacqueline Kim. She played the role of Ensign Demora Sulu -- daughter of Hikaru Sulu -- in the 1994 feature film Star Trek: Generations. Her other acting credits include Volcano, Disclosure, Xena: Warrior Princess, ER, The West Wing, Charlotte Sometimes and Advantageous, which she also co-wrote and produced. We discuss her brief stint at the helm of the Enterprise-B, her forays into domestic science fiction, and her evolution as a multi-disciplinary artist, including her recent work as a musician and composer.

Show Notes:

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Jacqueline's band This I Heard on SoundCloud:

Anna Byrne's memoir Seven Year Summer, narrated by Jacqueline Kim, on Audible:

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Jacqueline's short film Present: A Moment in the Future:

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